Bear Paw Creative Development

Creative Branding Services For Businesses and Nonprofits

At Bear Paw Creative, we believe that your brand is the relationship your customers have to your product, your promise and your purpose. Brands elicit a human reaction that needs to be cultivated and tended. We’re driven by results that show genuine personal connections, not just trends in your metrics. The work we do is focused on meeting clients, customers and community where they are with products and services that add value to their lives.

We learn who you are, what you do, and who you serve, then help you develop strategies and branding that will successfully communicate that with your ideal client. We believe communication is a two-way street, so we remain open in communication with you and help you develop the same relationship with your customers/clients. Less like hunting, more like gardening, we help you build something that will aid you in fulfilling your purpose for years to come.

We help build your brand through services such as:

Brand + Identity Development
Marketing Strategy
Website Development
Branded Content Creation
Internal Branding
Marketing Collateral

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Here Are Some Current Projects Firing Us Up


While seven years in business is impressive, their seven-year-old, self-made website was not. Bear Paw upgraded their online location to match the energy of the operation they run daily.


This heart-centered non profit won Bear Paw over in the first 10 minutes. We joined up to expand the HF4C brand and build a website that makes giving easier and receiving more accessible.

Barefoot Yoga

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit hard this team was forced to move the class schedule online and outdoors. Bear Paw created a modern web design to better serve clients in this new format. 


With a rapidly expanding stage (packed private practice, public speaking, online course, book deal) Lair needed a brand that measured up. We work with Lair on logos, websites, video editing, ebook design, social media graphics and more. 

Helping Good People Do Good Work

The Bear Paw team consists of inspired and impassioned folks who tell your story to those you need to reach. We love meeting business owners and non-profit pioneers (good people) who’ve had the foresight and fortitude to activate their uniquely awesome ideas (good work). Our goal is to help draw brilliant business concepts, progressive philosophies and compassionate causes into the light they deserve. We do this because we believe that connection and community are drivers for success in both business and life. And because it’s fun. Really fun.

Our creative branding services give a voice to your vision.


We work with folks interested in developing a deeper connection with their customer by sharing more of their brand story. Not sure what your brand story is? That’s what we’re here for! We’ll help you uncover and develop the narratives that will resonate with the audience you’re trying to reach. We’re especially interested in businesses who want to improve and support their community.

Additionally, Bear Paw dedicates resources, time and money to the non-profit sector. From small local charities and area schools to national movements, Bear Paw reaches into the community to lend a paw to amazing people whose mission is to help others. 


When you hire Bear Paw for branding services, website development, or strategy we invest in you and your vision. We also use a portion of our profit to reinvest in the community. The Bear Paw goal is to create a reciprocal community investment for every paying job we take.


We hold every relationship close to our hearts. Every client, community partner and team member is both teacher and student within the Bear Paw family. And it shows!


We talk in plain speak and go over every step before we take it. We’re here to give you all the information and explanation you need. Ultimately, we want to educate you on the good stuff we know that can help you reach your goals.


Instead of auto generated questionnaires, we start with open and transparent conversation. Our talks will dig into what’s at the core of your successes and your challenges. Together, we’ll uncover your specific development needs and personalize our solutions based on you and your project.


We recognize we’re at our best as parents, family, friends and loved ones. We bring the same approach of support and encouragement to our work. We’re always on top of current trends and searching for new ways to push ourselves; we pride ourselves on being innovative. We equally embrace acts of nurturing, helpfulness and creativity.


After we wrap your project, we’ll continue to stay in touch. You’ve become part of our family and your success is important to us. We want to celebrate your achievements! And if you’re struggling, we’ll reach out with opportunities we might see for you. We’re here to lift you up in any way we can.


If you have a business or a non-profit that is ready to share more with your audience, connect with Bear Paw today. We can’t wait to meet you and hear your ideas.