Bear Paw Creative clients are the coolest people on the planet. Their passion, their dedication and their energy lights us up every day. These are some of the friends we’ve been lucky to work with and call a part of The Bear Paw Family.

The Brew Cellar

Sometimes we meet folks that embody the simplicity of the “mom and pops” business. The Brew Cellar is one of Bear Paw’s favorite small businesses. Owners, John and Ryan, were early adopters of Park Circle’s revival and their hybrid bottle shop/beer garden has become a cornerstone of Park Circle’s laid back neighborhood vibe. While seven years in business is impressive, their seven-year-old, self-made website was not. Integrating event feeds and up to the minute menu plugins was key to giving these guys an online presence that reflected the experience they offer on-site. With beautiful photography provided, Bear Paw brought their online location up to the caliber of the operation that they run daily.

Why Bear Paw Feels Great About The Brew Cellar

What you see is what you get with these guys. They are genuine, card carrying beer lovers who love to talk about…well, beer. They make moves that make sense; like their partnership with local food trucks for “Pub Night”. They manage their social media as if they’re just chatting with friends, because they ARE! Every decision they make is true to their vision and therefore on-brand AF. Simple concept, simple vision, solid dudes!

Barefoot Yoga

Barefoot Yoga is run by Masie Barefoot-Judson. First off, the name! Right?! Self fulfilling prophecy or insanely cool cosmic coincidence? Anyway, Masie has had a successful yoga business for years in Park Circle. However, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit hard, Masie was forced to re-imagine how she offers these beloved yoga classes, retreats and teacher instruction to her devoted following while still finding new recruits for the yoga army. Because she’s COMPLETELY savvy, Masie took her class schedule online and outdoors in an impressively timely manner in response to the pandemic. However, her existing website did not convey this significant shift in her business model. In a world where Masie competes with the likes of Peleton and other globofitness models, Bear Paw had an excellent opportunity to create a punchy and modern web design that better served her clients what they need to grow their bendy habits. 

Why Bear Paw Feels Great About Barefoot Yoga

Barefoot offers unpretentious yoga for everyone. Masie leads with sayings like “the biggest misconception is that you have to be flexible, fit and flawless to be ‘good’ at yoga”. Barefoot Yoga is a refuge from impossible yoga poses and yoga fashion. It’s a journey into the deepest and most beneficial elements of this ancient practice. We loved finding images of real people doing real yoga in real clothes and real situations. It just feels GOOD to put the Barefoot Yoga ethos of acceptance out into the world. 

Lair Torrent, LMFT

Lair is a mindfulness based licensed marriage and family therapist with a private practice that serves families and individuals all over the country (and sometimes world!). Lair has expanded his packed practice out to include public speaking, an online course and an upcoming book deal. With a rapidly expanding stage, Lair needed a brand that captured his compassionate approach, his years of wisdom and his unique stylish and comedic quirkiness. Starting with logo design and brand standards, Bear Paw Creative gave life to Lair’s growing professional identity. With this foundation, the team wrote the words and designed a website that serves as the platform for all things Lair Torrent, LMFT. We have worked with Lair on online course video editing, ebook design, social media graphics and animated digital advertising. 

We definitely scrapbook Lair’s achievements and love seeing what he’s coming up with next. 

Why Bear Paw Feels Great About Lair Torrent, LMFT

The wisdom Lair offers in his work is practical, easily implemented and just down right good behaviour. His passion and vision for his clients’ and their growth is infectious and worth talking about. To boot, he’s funny as hell, in a dry, them’s-the-breaks kind of way. We just like being around Lair! He speaks the silly, compassionate and healthy dose of reality truth we eat up while always seeing the best and the possibilities in people.

Health Fund 4 Children

Look for the new Bear Paw work for HF4C early summer 2021. In the meantime:

Heart-centered non profit, Health Fund for Children won Bear Paw over in the first 10 minutes of our connection. Provide children in need with financial assistance for quality healthcare. It’s simple and so needed. In their first year of getting started, Bear Paw has joined up to expand the HF4C brand and build a website as a platform from which HF4C can lead the charge. Bear Paw’s contribution will make giving easier and make receiving more accessible. By creating an aesthetic that is hopeful, vibrant and deliberate, HF4C will be able to catch the eye of the incredible community of givers in the Charleston area and beyond. Their website will house their engaging story and a straightforward ask. “Will you help children in need?” We want to see this team succeed in every way. 

Why Bear Paw Feels Great About Health Fund 4 Children

Bear Paw is always amazed by the things that women accomplish. As parents, this immediately plucked some heartstrings. Welcoming HF4C into the Bear Paw Family was an immediate no-brainer. True experts in their field and ready to absorb our expertise, this open sharing of information is the fuel for the Bear Paw Family. We love it when clients make us smarter and when community is just good business.

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