5 Quick Questions: #websitegoals


Does your website design WORK?

Do you know why your website exists? Before we embark on a new website design, we always ask, “What is this site supposed to DO?” Having a clear purpose for your site helps you put in place the tools that will convert visitors to customers. Here are 5 Quick Questions to help you narrow your website’s ultimate purpose.


1. How does a successful visit to your site end?

You want visitors to take action on your website before they leave. Buying something, filling out a form, or making a reservation; it’s important for you to know the singular goal of your website.

2. What do you need visitors to know about you in 2.5 seconds?

3. Can visitors get everything they need on your website’s homepage?

The vast majority of website traffic begins and ends on your homepage. Can you convert visitors to customers there?

4. Does your website LOOK and FEEL like you?

Can visitors tell that they are on YOUR site compared to your competitors? What will make them come back to you over and over?

5. Is contacting you/buying a product quick and easy?


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